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BeTA - Belgian Turnaround Association is pleased to provide users with its general use conditions.

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Use of this service is reserved for strictly personal purposes. Any reproduction or representation, whether in full or in part, for any other reasons on any kind of support, is prohibited. Failure to comply with this ban constitutes an offense of counterfeiting that could lead to civil and even criminal charges being brought for counterfeiting. The information contained in this service offering is not contractually binding and subject to modification without any prior notice.The Site belgiumturnaroundassociation.com is protected by both copyright law and legal precedent regarding the reproduction of database content. Consequently, Site users may only download information (i.e. text, images, audio, data) made available for solely private uses.

Any extraction, reuse, reproduction, whether total or partial, of Site information for purposes that are not purely private without the express consent of belgiumturnaroundassociation.com is forbidden.

Any extraction, via either permanent or temporary transfer onto another support by any means, or reuse involving availability to the general public of all or any substantial portion of Site content, in either qualitative or quantitative terms, is prohibited, including for strictly private aims. Any operation of this type that surpasses the bounds of the Site's normal use conditions also constitutes an infringement.

Similarly, any unauthorized reproduction of literary works, music, audio-visual and photographic material, and in general any work likely to be protected under copyright that may be accessed on the Site is prohibited, at the risk of incurring civil and/or criminal penalties, in accordance with the provisions set forth in Article L 122-4 of the Intellectual Property Code (unless said reproduction is exclusively reserved for strictly private use).

Use restrictions

The Site, plus the textual material and other elements, notably graphs and photographs, that serve as its contents are the property of belgiumturnaroundassociation.com or are being used by belgiumturnaroundassociation.com with the agreement of the party holding its property rights. Keep in mind that all of the elements you're interacting with (images, audio, text) on the Site as well as the Site itself are protected under European and international legislation regarding intellectual property rights.

You must also be aware of all copyrights, trademarks and distinctive signs (logos) appearing on the Site (texts, images or audio), as these belong to belgiumturnaroundassociation.com or to third parties that have provided us with the authorization to use them. You are empowered with no right or license to make use in any manner without the formal consent of belgiumturnaroundassociation.com or the individuals or organizations holding these copyrights or trademarks.

No reproduction, use and/or representation of all or part of the Site and/or its component elements, on any type of media support, is authorized for commercial or professional purposes without the prior written consent of BeTA - Belgian Turnaround Association.

Any unauthorized reproduction or use could give rise to a violation of intellectual property rights, publicity rights, individual rights or any other regulations applicable to communication or advertising. Any reproduction or use of the Site and/or its component elements authorized by belgiumturnaroundassociation.com must mention the source and holder of the relevant property rights.

Limitation of liability

belgiumturnaroundassociation.com has submitted a declaration to the National Data Protection Commission (CNIL) under the No. (in progress).

Any individual able to justify his/her identity has the right to obtain a record of data held on him/her, as processed by this Web service, as well as to correct or delete any of said personal information.

The right to access, correct or delete may also be exercised by sending an email to info@belgiumturnaroundassociation.com (anonymous emails will be discarded). The file administrator hereby expressly agrees to proceed with all desired modifications or deletions upon receipt of such requests. Under no circumstances shall the information contained in this Web service be rented, sold, transferred or made available to a third party, whether free of charge or billed, regardless of the format.

Right to access computer files

Any user who had filed personal information, either directly or indirectly, with the Web service may request to have this information transmitted to the service administrator (info@belgiumturnaroundassociation.com) for correction, if applicable, as subsequently modified.

All screen captures, graphics materials and other information present on the belgiumturnaroundassociation.com Site are owned by BeTA - Belgian Turnaround Association. Accordingly, any reproduction, modification, dissemination, etc. of these elements is prohibited without the prior express consent of its owner. The brand name belgiumturnaroundassociation.com and all commercial brands mentioned on the Site indeed fall under trademarks.

The Site may contain links to other sites that might or might not have joined an affiliation program. belgiumturnaroundassociation.com makes no commitment regarding any other site potentially accessed via its Site. Moreover, a link to any of these other sites does not imply that BeTA - Belgian Turnaround Association is to incur any liability with respect to such a site's contents or possible use. It is incumbent upon you to take the necessary precautions to ensure that the site you've selected for your purposes has not been compromised.